Experium Academy

What is Experium Academy?

It is an organization that offers training opportunities for young people who want to make a career in the real estate sector, to improve themselves in this field.

What is the Purpose of the Experium Academy?

It was established in the field of Real Estate Consultancy in line with the collaborations made with continuing education centers to transfer our knowledge and experience to young people who want to improve themselves and to help them find job opportunities that will guide their careers.

Who can attend the Experium Academy?

It is aimed to train young people who are not over the age of 30, who are interested in the real estate sector, and who have a bachelor's degree.

What is the training content?

It will be given within the calendars to be determined theoretically and practically within the training programs of the contracted continuing education centers.

  • Adopting clients' real estate needs
  • Informing, guiding the customer and advising them in the real estate sector
  • Implementing a good marketing strategy to customers

What does Experium Academy provide me?

  • Taking the first step into the Consulting profession with the strong Experium brand that steers the real estate sector
  • Transforming the technical knowledge acquired under the umbrella of Experium Academy into experience under the mentorship of our consultants
  • Opportunity to be a prominent candidate within the scope of job opportunities in the real estate sector.
  • The opportunity to find a job faster within the scope of Experium Academy's cooperation with BIO (Regional Employment Offices)

How do I work after the Experium Academy Training?

Persons who are entitled to receive a certificate of achievement can also be among the Experium team with the following ways of working.

Active Working Type: They will work full time, with a fixed income + premium system.

Passive Working Type: They will work with flexible working hours and only premium system.

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