Prof.Doktor Oktay Sinanoğlu Cad. Köy Sitesi
İstanbul Sarıyer Zekeriyaköy Mah.


Zekeriyaköy Köy The project, which was carried out by Zekeriyaköy Köy Siyahkalem on an area of ​​467 thousand square meters in İstanbul Zekeriyaköy with the guarantee of Emlak Konut GYO, was designed by Hopkins Architects, a world-renowned British architecture group.


Zekeriyaköy Köy is leaner like a village, the city is so stylish; A cozy nest right next to the city, with a simple and stylish architecture in the KÖY ’various types and sizes are projected 971 housing units.


KÖY, you will feel the simplicity of a village within, you can be as close to the city as you wish when you go outside. It is 10 minutes to Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge and 25 minutes to İstanbul Airport. It is 15 minutes to Maslak, 10 minutes to Hacıosman Metro Station and 10 minutes to Sarıyer ferry.