Sultan Selim Mah. Hümeyra Sok.Nef 09 Plaza B blok
İstanbul Kağıthane
Proje Tanıtım Vİdeosu

Nef Offices Dörtlevent 09, located on Büyükdere Street, right in the middle of the Istanbul business center, consists of two parcels on a total land of 3600 m2. The total construction area of ​​the project is 44.060 m2, with A-Block 17.860m2 and B-Block 26.200m2.In the 16-floor A-Block, there are 101 office units on 10 office floors, 48 ​​residential units on 4 residential floors, and 3 store units on 2 store floors. Again, in the 16-floor B-Block, there are 253 office units on 13 office floors and 14 store units on 3 store floors.In both blocks, where office units ranging from 50 square meters to 110 square meters are located, there are also store areas, common Nefmeydan, basement floors arranged for archives, floors with Foldofffice units and underground parking floors.

Nef Offices Dörtlevent 09 project, located in Levent and Maslak region, only 20 minutes away from Büyükdece Street, is 2 minutes from the metro, 1.5 kilometers from Levent Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge turnout, 2 kilometers from Maslak, 2.8 kilometers from Zincirlikuyu Bosphorus Bridge turnout, It is 5.1 km from Beşiktaş and 2.9 km from Mecidiyeköy.

For detailed information and alternatives, you can contact us on the 02129510101 communication line.