Şehit Cevat Bayraktar Cad.Nef 04 Points
İstanbul Kağıthane Telsizler Mah.
A new start is made for the lives of residents in Kâğıthane, which is Istanbul's fastest growing region. Kâğthane, which rapidly gained popularity with investments made over the course of recent years, is on the verge of becoming the new business center of the European side due to its developing transportation infrastructure and close location to "Maslak-Levent-Taksim" axis. World-famous architectural office Dome+Partners continue adding value to Kağıthane region with Nef.


Nef Point 04 project, which is implemented by Nef, is located in Kağıthane on the European side of Istanbul. Nef Points rising from a 14-storey single block was built within the scope of Kağıthane Neighborhood Guide project which Nefanein carried out with Kağıthane Municipality.


The Nef Points 04 project, consisting of a total of 137 residences, offers suites, 1 room, 1 living room and 2 rooms and 1 living room. The areas of the project apartments range from 41 to 84 square meters.


Nef Points 04 project is 1.2 kilometers from Cendere Street, Çağlayan Courthouse is 1.3 km away, Kanyon Shopping Center and Levent metro stop are 1.5 kilometers away.